Declare Yourself

SlayShop is run and owned by Mason Slay, a genderqueer trans guy. I started the shop in 2015 as a place to sell my creations. SlayShop has changed along with me. From bookmaking and embroidery to pins and prints, now to patches, totes, apparel, and more; I’m even slowly adding my art back into it! I always wanted to make patches but I struggled with depression and just couldn’t get the motivation. However once I began seeing my current doctors and began recovering I began making them in the summer of 2018. A year later I had more than 100 designs and am making more money than ever from my work. Thank you to everyone who had made this possible!

My current work is focused on expressing yourself, on declaring yourself and what you stand for. I strive to be as inclusive as possible.

Thank you for supporting my shop! It truly means the world of me to be able to create and to help others declare themselves.